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THE PIONEER WOMAN – aka My New BFF! – Plus a Restaurant Rec: Dish Society

meeting pioneer woman

Say whhhaaatttt!!! This past Thursday night was the night of dreeaaammmmss! I can’t even describe how emotionally exhausted I was at the end of the whole shabang (at a whopping 9:04 PM, thank you). Jon Boy surprised me with tickets to Pioneer Woman’s book signing for her new cookbook,┬áCome and Get It!┬áThe whole day he

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Fun Things for Friday

fundamentally music class

On Wednesday, this ole gal turned 21! Okay, okay… 31! Jon Boy and I went to a ridiculously wonderful dinner at The Refuge Steakhouse + Bourbon Bar. We were way too into date night and the yummy food, so I didn’t get many pictures at all. BUT! I can say that the drinks were phenomenal

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Weekend Recap: Ritual Houston + Citrus Balsamic Marinade + Downtown Tomball

Ritual Houston

Jon Boy and I FINALLY got a date night “in town” after a YEAR of living here in Houston. WHEW! Every single time we’ve scheduled a date night that involved coming in town to a new, trendy restaurant, something terrible would happen. Someone was sick, our dog was dying, someone died in the family, work

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Weekend Recap

peli peli vintage

This weekend was a great change of pace for us. Things have been a little hairy these days with work stress and the like. You know – life. No biggie. We still had a great time with friends and family. Big Man and I took a trip to our local library to play around and

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Scenes from the Weekend

corey douglas

We got such a great surprise this week! Our “Aunt Mo” [my bestie] came to visit on a whim! We got to hang out with her Thursday night, then we headed out to shop on Friday morning. Corey’s kind of in love with her… [also notice those two skinned knees – hello all boy!] For

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