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Loving Lately

essential oil blend for fall

Just thought I’d share a few things that we’ve been loving lately – they’re all random, but we love ’em anyway. I just got this Thug Kitchen cookbook from my sweet friend all the way in Arizona! It was such a great birthday surprise to come home to after our trip to Dallas. I’ve already

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Essential Oils

essential oils

We [very literally] eat, breathe, and sleep essential oils in our house. I’m not kidding. I put them in my sparkling water in my Yeti and drink it all day long (with a stainless steel straw because I heard the oils can eat through plastic). I diffuse in our living room/kitchen for no less than

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Late Winter Deco, House Updates, and Life Lately


It’s been a little crazy up in hur lately. Last week, we were in Dallas. Corey got sick, I got sick, and Jon had an insane week of work. The week before, we were living a half-life because our ENTIRE second floor had to be refloated. That meant that EVERYTHING had to be moved downstairs/in

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