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Chicken Spaghetti + Tuesday Randoms

chicken spaghetti

I’ve been waiting until the light was just right to take a picture of our entryway fall deco. I LOVE this little nook and the chance to decorate a little something extra that people can see when they first walk into our home. I also forgot to take a quick pic of the little bit

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Hurricane Decorating + Houston Strong T-Shirts + More Ways to Donate to Harvey Victims

hurricane decor

Jon and I got just a little stir crazy while we were hunkered down for Hurricane Harvey. We decided to clean and decorate for fall while we were waiting around. (Jon was so, so excited for this fun chore.) I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ here. My sister-in-law sent me some great links for

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Life Lately + A New Book Rec

life lately

Whew! What a week we’ve had so far. Corey’s getting over some bad allergies + rotavirus (grossest freaking thing ever), so we’ve been in the house A LOT this week. I’ve been trying to contain the germs and clean as much as I can. I’ve also been trying not to go insane because I’ve been

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Salsa Verde Chicken Tostada Casserole + Furniture Refinishing

salsa verde chicken tostada casserole

This casserole is a super easy weeknight meal we love. It’s definitely in our “repeat wheel” for weeknight dinners. The ingredients are easy to find [and cheap] and you can whip it up in 10 minutes. Oh, and did I mention it’s friggin’ yummy? [Click here for a link to the whole recipe.] Here are

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Life Lately

living room deco

I’m suuuuuper pumped because we are another step closer to being [finally] moved into our new home! Yes, we may have moved in a mere 11 months ago. Yes, we still have a lot left to do somehow. BUT I am enjoying staring at these lovely new ladies that are in our living room. They’re

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