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Great Beauty Buys

terracotta jolie teint

I’ve had some decently good luck with new beauty products lately thanks to my friends and free samples! Anytime I order makeup through Nordstrom, I always take advantage of the awesome samples they send. I usually go for the fragrances, but I also have been trying their facial products, too. Here I’ve compiled a little

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PTL for Curtains and Ducks

home deco

Wooooooooowwwiiiiieeeee!!!! We’ve finally got curtains! Just a mere seven months after moving in, but we’ve got ’em. It was really tough to find curtains that were the right length, texture, color, fabric (better be machine washable, man), and price. We finally settled on these bad boys at good ole Target. For our very tall part

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Fave Finds Lately

j crew tartan vest

Have you ever heard of the Like It to Know It app on Instagram? It’s genius. It’s brilliant. It’s of the devil, I’m sure. If you like a picture that has Like It to Know It attached, you’ll receive an email containing the links of all the things pictured in that photo. DIRECT LINKS. TO

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