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Life Lately

ikea kallax bookshelf

We’ve kept it pretty low key the past week plus since this poor guy has had a tummy virus. Obviously, it’s not getting in the way of his mood or his appetite, though! I sure do love dem cheekies! Also… no one mentioned “stool samples” whenever I signed up to be a Mama. Gross. I’m

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Baby + Toddler Shoes

baby toddler shoes

I looooooove to shop for baby boy stuff! I’m horrible with little girl things, I’ve got to be honest. I can barely dress myself most of the time. But, when it comes to Corey, I usually do a pretty good job. I can also tell you that as much as I love shopping for little

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Baby Gates for Tricky [Annoying] Stairs

baby gates for stairs

So I’m not joking when I say that we spent a small fortune trying to find the right baby gates for our stairs. I bought almost every trial gate online, which then meant we had to return it via UPS or FedEx and eat the shipping cost. Nothing at Target, Buy Buy Baby, or anywhere

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Corey’s Nautical Nursery (Part 2)

nautical nursery

Whew! Corey’s only 14 months old, and I finally feel like his “nursery” is finished. #momfail Between selling our home, living at my mom’s, living at our in-law’s, moving into our new home, then having to move everything from the second floor out and back again [in a matter of 9 months], I’d say that

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Babies Shower – Tea for Two!

Tea for Two twins baby shower

I can’t believe that one of my closest friends having TWINS! I’m beyond excited for she and her hubby to experience the absolute joy that babies bring. I’m also beyond excited because it’s just so fitting that she’s having two at the same time. Back when we were youngins, we would joke that I would

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