Good Feels for Saturday

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With all the malarkey swirling around the Internet + TV these days, I thought it would be nice if we could share some of the non-malarkey-type things that go on – AKA spread the good, not the bad.

Here are a few things I’ve seen that have warmed the corners of my little heart lately. I hope they bring you a little whiff of cinnamon + pumpkins + the warm and fuzzies.

This Guy Right Here. Get Him a Badge and Send Him to the White House.

He’s got a book too, and I’m pretty sure I’m adding it to my YOU BETTA READ THIS list.

This Little Girl’s Reaction to Learning She’s Been Adopted Is Everything. (Click the Link to see the Video)

11 year old's reaction to hearing she's getting adopted

This Barber Cutting a Little Boy’s Hair on the Floor

barber gives haircut boy autism

Image Cred: Fauve Lafreniere

This Chef Makes 45,000 Meals for Victims of Maria in Puerto Rico – and He’s Not Done Yet.


These Seniors Defying the Senior Stereotypes

Vladimir Yakovlev John Lowe

Image Cred: Vladimir Yakovlev

A Texas Diner’s Tip That Sent His Waiter to Ireland

texas diner tips Irish waiter

What are some of the non-malarkey-type things you’ve read about or seen lately? Let’s spread the good, not the bad.

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